Can you do a custom order?

I can, every figurine can be painted in any colour or pattern, but the customization is limited to painting only, no changes can be made to the shape or size. I also don't do custom sculpts.

How did you start making these? What is the meaning behind the name “byrdis”?

The first figurines I made were a cardinal and a blue jay birds, it was back in 2013. Soon after that I decided to open an Etsy shop and I needed a name for it. I wanted something short and simple, preferably starting with a letter “b” since my name is Baiba and would be somehow connected with birds, since I only planned selling bird figurines.

What materials do you use to make the figurines? Can you make a tutorial?

They are made using polyurethane resin, painted with acrylic paints and a protective varnish. I sculpt the original models in polymer clay and do all the mould-making and casting process myself.

I don’t have a tutorial and I’m not planning to create one, but there are many good tutorials on sculpting, mould-making and casting available on the internet for free, I actually used some when learning the basics of making a silicone mould and casting resin myself.

Are they fragile?

They are not fragile, however, the smaller details can be broken if bent intentionally or dropped on hard floor. I would recommend to handle them with care and to keep away from sharp objects that may scratch the surface or chemicals that may damage the glossy finish.

How to clean them?

Do not use any chemicals clean the figurines.
To brush off any dust, you can use a clean soft fluffy brush (makeup powder brushes are perfect for this) or a soft cloth (ones meant for cleaning glasses are great).
If it absolutely needs to be washed, a quick rinse in clean water should do no harm if the water is wiped off immediately. However, I would recommend to keep them away from water if possible.